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In digital marketing, there are two terms you cannot ignore: “big data” and “personalization”. Every day there seems to be news about how targeting content to personas, or using data to provide better contextual experiences on digital channels, is the next big important thing. But why are examples of these methods so hard to find?

After some thorough research on this topic, the results were certainly surprising. We found that while content targeting is being utilized, it is still almost exclusively a manual process; or that companies are only using the most basic sets of data (such as web analytics) to optimize their visitors’ experience.

The CIO plays an important role in Content Targeting

The real question, for most marketers is not “should we?” but rather “how do we?” target online content. This report will show you why securing alignment between the marketing and technology teams is a huge first step in using big data for the improvement of your online customer experience.

Using Big Data to Target Online Content

Research Paper


     Today’s challenge isn't “if” the marketer should deliver a more personal, targeted experience, it’s “how to do it efficiently and effectively”.